Best Destination Wedding Planner ( International )

best wedding destinations in greece


Weddings are one of the biggest events in a person’s life. By far one expects the event to be perfect in all aspects. Picturesque locations make it even more memorable and extraordinary. Wedding bells that ring at these unique locations set a whole new perspective on the newlywed couple. Such unforgettable experiences come from meticulous detailing to every single occasion accompanying the biggest event. Only an expert with thorough knowledge and experience can make such an occasion remarkably worthwhile! Naadia Mirza a world-renowned destination wedding planner and event scientist ensure the most awe-inspiring and breath-taking weddings that cast a memory for a lifetime. Close to a decade of experience in handcrafting dream destination weddings and event planning, Naadia has undoubtedly the most creative wedding ideas. If you are the one who aspires to look for distinct cultures while you enjoy an occasion with either family or friends be it big or small, Naadia is your best choice. Focussing on beautiful weddings in Dubai, we will help you create your perfect wedding, whether it be a quintessentially garden affair or a stunning country estate in Greece, we’re here to help.

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best wedding planners greece

Best Wedding Planners In greece

Weddings are an event of a lifetime. The bride in the whites and the groom in his best dress have the biggest smiles in a place of absolute perfection. Greece, with more than 100 scenic islands and endless natural beauty, offers more than just what meets the eye. The sounds of the waves hitting the shores, beachy sand in between one’s toes, the wildflower bouquets and the centerpieces at hand – these are just a taste of “Greek-o-Indian” weddings! While Santorini offers the most scenic backgrounds and churches by the sea it is loaded with tourists around the year from across the world. Kassandra Bay engulfs within a timeless landscape by the sea and surrounded by nature. Greece also offers plenty of virgin islands to ensure your event is private and exclusive.

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destination wedding planners in dubai


When your life mantra is to live life the Kingsize, undoubtedly Dubai is your goto wedding location. Dubai is the home just to the world’s tallest buildings and most advanced technology. It is the abode to a vibrant populace of art & culture creating a vibe that is quintessential to Dubai. Dubai inspires romantic getaways, beachy backdrops, and artistic expression to an undeniably magical occasion. From relishing the unending horizon to sailing and exploring the city’s coastline Dubai provides in numerous wedding galore.

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destination wedding planner in thailand


Far from the clamoring of the city-life, bustling with tropical beaches, rich ancient ruins, ornate temples of Buddha, and glamorous royal palaces, it comes with little surprise that Thailand is a sought-after destination by couples worldwide. Be it either overlooking the city skyline, the jungle, or the ocean. Whether it’s overlooking the city skyline, the jungle, or the ocean. Phuket, Thailand offers a plethora of picturesque locations to choose from. Offering serenity and absolute tranquility in every possible way, Thailand, a destination is really one of its kind.

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phuket wedding planner


Getting married is an eventful occasion in any person’s life and the adventurous journey of togetherness starts with an “I do” (or “Evet” in Turkish). To make this “dream come true” wedding a reality, planning takes the center stage. Naadia Mirza, a passionate Wedding Planner from Bangalore believes that planning a wedding at a dream destination is indeed a dream come true. Two souls that unite at such a dream location make the happiest couple.

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Best Destination Wedding Planner (FAQ’S)

How much time is required to Plan and Coordinate/organize a Wedding Event?

Good wedding planners like Naadia Mirza possess excellent interpersonal skills. Naadia Mirza, being the expert wedding organizer for the last decade is capable to work under high pressure to meet wedding deadlines. Naadia Mirza and her professional team of wedding supplies and vendors take the least amount of time depending upon the type of wedding. To work out the budget, for considering the guest list, booking the venue, and confirming the wedding Location, to hire event professionals (like photographers, videographers etc} Nadia Mirza and Co will present you with a plethora of options to the nitty-gritty.

What makes Naadia Mirza a qualified Professional Wedding Coordinator?

NaadiaMirza & Co. with close to a decade of experience in handling budget weddings, destination weddings, and providing dream wedding experience to a wide range of customers. Today, Naadia Co. is one of the top wedding planners in Bangalore, and her extraordinary team is a trendsetter in the industry best known for their creative ideas, stunning décor accents, and exquisite attention to every last detail. Call us now or mail us for discounts and the best wedding ideas!

What Makes Naadia Mirza Different from Other Destination Wedding Planners?

Naadia Mirza promises exhilarating expertise in planning quintessential and traditional weddings, allowing you to travel to the most exotic locations for your destination wedding dream. Naadia Mirza and team enable you to create memorable moments etched in your hearts, as your wedding to truly stands out. Naadia Mirza comes with creative, inventive, and thoughtful ideas and compiles them all into one spot for you. You will find everything from catering selections, and personalized decor to bouquet ideas and with a lot of funfilled events. Check out the Destination Wedding packages now!

How is Naadia Mirza helpful to organize a Budget wedding Planning?

Planning a wedding in full flamboyance demands huge investment. To execute an extravagant yet pocket-friendly wedding you need to look closely over each phase of your wedding. To get charming decor, or the most beautiful wedding attire, or hire a proficient catering service, or candid photographers cost a fortune. For organizing a successful event, one should plan the wedding budget, so that planners will be able to arrange the wedding of your dreams. Naadia Mirza & Co is the best wedding planner who guarantees to reach the expectations that you aspire.