Naadia and Abhishek are second generation entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds. Naadia is full of energy and enthusiasm with a zest for everything beautiful and dramatic . Meanwhile , Abhishek chooses to manage her energy with his calm confidence and sophistication . An unconventional couple called for a wedding that would be remembered for sometime to come . Their love for travel and adventure set the mood and theme for a – Suitcase Wedding.

Guests were invited to pack their bags with a route map to a hidden location in the city . The parents of the bride and groom too were invited to the celebration with suitcases. As most love stories read , they were informed in no uncertain terms that they could pack their belongings and find their own wedding . This marked the beginning of their adventure together .

Upon arrival at the venue ,a room key hunt was setup in the form of an army style obstacle race. the friends of the groom were in for a special treat as they indulged themselves with a game of paintball. A delectable brunch with give aways gave the wedding the perfect start .

The Ceremony – Vintage Brunch

A color pallete of whites , pastel pinks , greens and gold transformed a night long party into a simple and elegant venue for their union . Naadia took slow steps toward her new life under a traditional blanket held by friends of the groom . An emotional Arya Samaj wedding , was the beginning to their beautiful love story .

Celebration continued for lunch with a vintage setup that had Naadia’s signature quirky elements. A honeymoon fund and a love nest created a playful vibe.The day came to an end with lots of dancing, live stalls serving mouth-watering  fare and fun drinks to mark a new life together .

cor Highlights: