N & U : A Kitsch Mehendi

Every once in a while, life offers you a dream. Umaima and Nasr are a classic tale of discovering everlasting love which grew over the ten year that they dated each other. Nasr and Umaima met each other in college and have been inseparable since. The bride,notorious for channeling Queen tifa and the groom ,for promising her the wedding of her dreams.

Inspired by Kitsch Art, the wedding was built around the Umaima+Nasr +Biryani theme. The couple chose the pink city of Jaipur as a setting for their destination wedding. The decor was complete with an Indian Mela which even had a Tarazu and a Nostalgia box as wedding favors for the guests. Since there is nothing more charming then going local and being inspired by the destination/venue we used the colors of pink and orange all around the venue. Bicycles , cycle rickshaws and hanging kaleeras formed a wonderful play of colors and textures. We used clay pots bought from the local potter and flowers growing in the hotel lawns to make table arrangements. Indian details like mauli and ghungrus were set under a canopy.The lawn was dotted with low seating and charpoys.

Décor Highlights:

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